Gray Barker Photos

Gray Barker stood at the heart of America's UFO phenomenon almost from its inception. His investigations led to the publication of his best-selling book, THEY KNEW TOO MUCH ABOUT FLYING SAUCERS.

He probed the mysteries of the Braxton County Monster, The Men-in-Black, Mothman, and the Philadelphia Experiment which in turn invited unwelcome visits from the government in an effort to silence him. But to truly understand Gray Barker and the dangerous world of paranoia and conspiracies he inhabited, you must accept one absolute truth: Gray Barker was full of it.

Video: Benedum Airport Saucer

Gray Barker Photos

SHADES OF GRAY peels the layers off one of the great American hoaxsters of the late twentieth-century.

Video: Lost Creek Saucer

Gray Barker Photos

Part Fox Mulder, part Mark Twain, Barker almost single-handedly created or perpetuated much of what is now taken as the "gospel" of UFO's. In some ways, his entire life was as much a myth as anything he ever wrote. This documentary strives to present a complete picture of a complicated, and ultimately influential, modern American myth-maker.

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