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Bob Wilkinson — Wilkinson is a producer and editor at West Virginia Public Broadcasting. "Shades of Gray" is his second independent documentary project. The first was a feature-length documentary that followed a working musician on the road.

For West Virginia Public Broadcasting, he has produced three documentaries – "Rounding Third," a history of minor league ballpark Watt Powell; "John Brown's Body," a look at the lasting legacy of John Brown's raid in Harpers Ferry; and "hom'sted," a history of the homestead movement in West Virginia and those left out of the New Deal initiative.

"John Brown's Body" premiered at Shepherd University, with graduates of historic Storer College in the audience. In 2005, Wilkinson was selected to participate in a prestigious documentary filmmaking workshop at WGBH, Boston's public television station.

John Michaels — has been involved as a producer, financier, and executive in the film industry for over two decades. Over the years Michaels has successfully delivered high quality productions in the world of independent and studio feature films.

As a producer, Michaels has worked with Academy Award winning actors (Hillary Swank), world-class directors (Roland Emmerich), and the biggest entertainment conglomerates in the world (Sony). His list of credits include, QUIET DAYS IN HOLLYWOOD, SUNSET HEAT, and EYE OF THE STORM to name a few.

Since 2000, Michaels has served as a board member on the German Media Fund, VIP. During his tenure with VIP, the company has grown to being a leading financier of motion pictures throughout the world. VIP has been instrumental in producing such films as MONSTER (Charlize Theron), THE GREAT WHITE (Robin Williams), and THE PUNISHER (John Travolta). The entity has had a recent capitalization of one billion dollars. During his tenure, Michaels has been an integral part in the evaluation, approval, and supervision of the productions VIP invested into. Michaels has built a reputation as an expert in worldwide co-production financing, tax subsidies, foreign sales estimates, and complex banking components. The budget range has for these productions have range from $10 million to $70 million dollars.

Michaels also has served as Director of Sales for Omega Entertainment and attends all the major film markets such as Cannes, Berlinale, Sundance, and American Film Market.

Michaels was a partner in a Los Angeles based commercial company Michaels, Brown, and Crew from 1993-2000. The company specialized in high end foreign commercials. Clients such as Alianz, BMW, Mercedes Benz, Danone, Blistex, Siemem's, and BMG were amongst their clientele.

Michaels is also a member of the Director's Guild of America. Michaels is serves as a lecturer for the UCLA Film School on international production and financing.

Currently, Michaels is producing the remake of Blake Edwards' classic "10".

Jeffrey Tinnell — is a motion picture producer and publisher of graphic novels. Following a series of stints as a freelance production manager and producer, Tinnell co-founded the award-winning, Los Angeles-based production company, Desert Music Pictures, in 1989. He left the company in 1995 to concentrate solely on feature film production.

Over the years, Tinnell has produced a wide range of projects, television specials, music videos, and commercials with Desert Music Pictures as well as other companies such as Propaganda Films. His list of credits and clients include Nike, Coca-Cola, McDonald's, The Rolling Stones, Don Henley, Metallica, and Red Hot Chili Peppers.

On the feature film front, Tinnell has produced an assortment of projects over the years, including Young Goodman Brown, The Kid, Frankenstein & Me, and the popular French-Canadian hockey films Les Boys I & II amongst his credits. He also produced an elaborate title sequence for the Blake Edwards comedy Son of the Pink Panther.

In 2008, through his production entity, Allegheny Image Factory, Tinnell will release "SHADES OF GRAY", a documentary film, detailing the life and exploits of UFO conspiracy writer, Gray Barker.
Tinnell is also the publisher of graphic novels through Allegheny Image Factory. The company's first release, Feast of the Seven Fishes written by Robert Tinnell and drawn by Ed Piskor and Alex Saviuk, was nominated for a 2006 Eisner Award for Best Graphic Album Reprint. Feast of the Seven Fishes was also a selection for the 2007 National Book Festival. A motion picture version of Feast of the Seven Fishes is scheduled to film in the fall of 2008.

A 1985 graduate of the College of William & Mary with a BA in history, Tinnell also played football under coach Jimmye Laycock and is active within the university community as a member of the Athletic Advisory Committee and Athletic Fund.

Robert Tinnell — Raised by wolves, Robert Tinnell gave up life as a feral child to enter the motion picture business, which he unwittingly assumed was more civilized than the wild. Armed with a talent of immense proportions (or extraordinary good luck - the predominant theory among former classmates, business associates, and wives), he has managed to work in the film industry for twenty years as a writer, producer, and director (how he first gained employment at the tender age of eight is another story). Starting as a production assistant for legendary genre filmmaker George Romero, Tinnell used his on-set experience to gain valuable insight into the world of feature filmmaking. Perhaps even more importantly, he was able to effectively lower his moral standards considerably. Starting at the age of twenty-three, Tinnell produced a variety of independent feature films including SOUTH OF RENO and the notorious SURF NAZIS MUST DIE. At the same time, he contributed to the coarsening of American culture by working extensively in the burgeoning music video industry.

Despite these triumphs, Tinnell's dream of becoming a working writer/director eluded him. Having burned most of his colleagues in his single-minded pursuit of this obsession, he turned to the one segment of the industry he had heretofore avoided: television commercials. Things went well, with work for clients like Farah, Clearasil, and Kawasaki. Critical recognition followed. His work made the cover of Adweek. Another spot received a nomination for the prestigious Belding Award. There was only one noticeable hitch: Tinnell despised the advertising business. He faked his own death in order to escape. It was during this period, hiding out in abandoned adobe south of Mexicali, subsiding on rice, beans, and warm Tecate beer, that Tinnell began to write spec scripts. This proved a turning point. That and the realization that his disappearance had gone completely unnoticed by his friends and colleagues in advertising.

In 1995, Tinnell traveled to Canada where he was able to obtain compromising photos of a leading Quebecois producer. A deal was struck and Tinnell was allowed to write and direct the ACE-nominated film KIDS OF THE ROUND TABLE. A Disney Channel-favorite, KIDS… led Robert on a six-year-run for Montreal-based Melenny Productions. Over this period Tinnell directed cult favorite FRANKENSTEIN AND ME with Burt Reynolds and Louise Fletcher (also running on Disney), AIRSPEED with Joe Mantegna, and BELIEVE (starring Ben Gazzara and Elisha Cuthbert) for Lions Gate. Critical acclaim followed, as all of the films have done well on the festival scene, including the Berlin Film Festival. Things have gone well enough for Tinnell to acquire a trophy wife as well as a couple of kids.

Other projects have included a screenwriting assignment adapting the French language hockey comedy LES BOYS as well as an original horror screenplay entitled SACRIFICE that has been optioned by Fortress Entertainment. More recently Tinnell was hired to adapt the Anthony Bourdain novel THE BOBBY GOLD STORIES as a screenplay.

In the meantime, a whole new world has opened up for the filmmaker - that of comic books and graphic novels. Tinnell's debut graphic novel, THE BLACK FOREST, debuted in the spring of 2004 to rave reviews and sold out in 44 days. His follow-up graphic novel, the horror/western THE WICKED WEST, was voted the number one graphic novel of 2004 by the staff of comics industry new powerhouse SCOOP. Also, in the fall of 2004, Tinnell debuted an online strip on several websites, including www.sunnyfundays .com. Called FEAST OF THE SEVEN FISHES, it is a romantic comedy drawn by artists Ed Piskor and Alex Saviuk. A second Flash animated strip, SHADOWDANCE: A TERRY SHARP STORY, is best described as "THE SAINT meets CURSE OF THE DEMON" and British artist Adrian Salmon is handling the artwork. It is currently running exclusively on A graphic novel, THE FACELESS: A TERRY SHARP STORY, is being released in September, followed by a hardcover collection of FEAST OF THE SEVEN FISHES and two more horror graphic novels - THE LIVING AND THE DEAD and SIGHT UNSEEN.

Never one to rest on his laurels, Tinnell is currently exploring the lucrative possibilities of combining foreign tax credits with extortion in the hopes of financing more personal films.

James W. Moseley — is the creator, editor and publisher of "Saucer Smear", the ufologiacal insider's news, gossip and humor 'zine; the permanent chairman of the National UFO Conference (NUFOC); and author of "Shockingly Close to the Truth"! To get a non-subscription to Saucer Smear write James Moseley at P.O. Box 1709 Key West, Florida 33041 or call (305) 294-1873.

Jermoe Clark - has studied the UFO phenomenon for four decades. Books written include The UFO Encyclopedia: The Phenomenon from the Beginning, Encyclopedia of Strange and Unexplained Physical Phenomena, and he has contributed to such magazines as Omni and Outside. Clark has also co-authored New Age Encyclopedia and has served as the editor of International UFO Reporter since 1985.

Clark is the recipient of the Isabel Davis Memorial Award (Fund for UFO Research, 1992), and his books have received awards from Choice, Library Journal, the New York Public Library, and the Publishers Marketing Association. Clark has been interviewed on various radio shows and has appeared as a consultant on such TV shows as "Unsolved Mysteries," "Sightings," and A&E's "Where Are All the UFO's?".

Stanton T. Friedman — received BSc and MSc degrees in physics from the University of Chicago in 1955 and 1956. He was employed for 14 years as a nuclear physicist for such companies as GE, GM, Westinghouse, TRW Systems, Aerojet General Nucleonics, and McDonnell Douglas on such advanced, classified, eventually cancelled, projects as nuclear aircraft, fission and fusion rockets, and nuclear powerplants for space.

Since 1967 he has lectured on the topic "Flying Saucers ARE Real!" at more than 600 colleges and over 100 professional groups in 50 states, 9 provinces, 16 other countries. He has published more than 80 UFO papers and appeared on hundreds of radio and TV programs. He is the original civilian investigator of the Roswell Incident and co-authored "Crash at Corona: The Definitive Study of the Roswell Incident." TOP SECRET/MAJIC, his explosive book about the Majestic 12 group established in 1947 to deal with crashed saucers, was published in 1996 and went through 6 printings. The 2nd edition with a new 5000-word afterword was published in September 2005 and is in its 2nd printing. Stan was presented with a Lifetime Achievement Award in Leeds, England, in September, 2002, by UFO Magazine of the UK. A documentary "Stanton T. Friedman IS Real" was broadcast in Canada in 2002.

He has provided written testimony to Congressional Hearings, appeared twice at the UN, and been a pioneer in many aspects of Ufology including Roswell, Majestic 12, the Betty Hill-Marjorie Fish star map work; analysis of the Delphos, Kansas, physical trace case; crashed saucers, flying saucer technology and challenges to the S.E.T.I. (Silly Effort to Investigate) cultists.

Stanton Friedman takes a clear-cut unambiguous stand that SOME UFOs are alien spacecraft, that the subject of flying saucers represents a Cosmic Watergate, that none of the anti-UFO arguments made by a variety of noisy negativists stand up to careful scrutiny, and that we are dealing with the biggest story of the past millennium: visits to Planet Earth by alien spacecraft and the successful coverup by governments of the best data: alien wreckage and bodies recovered in New Mexico, for 59 years. He has spent many weeks at a total of 20 document archives. Stan has successfully taken on many critics of flying saucers, Roswell, Majestic 12, including winning a debate at Oxford University.

Stanton T. Friedman is a dual citizen of the USA and Canada and can be found online at:

Rick Hilberg — I have been writing, investigating on UFOs and related fortean matters since 1962. I published the "original" UFO Magazine from that time until it was merged with Flying Saucer Digest in 1970. I also published UFO Magazine News Bulletin from 1973 until 1979.I was Associate Editor of FSD until the death of Allan Manak in 1999, at which time I assumed the editorship. I have also written and published more than twenty books and booklets on UFOs and other paranormal subjects since 1965, my latest being A Significant Ufological Year: 1966, which was published in April of this year. I also did two booklet anthologies on Gray Barker, A Gray Barker Reader volumes one and two several years ago.

Our fortean newsletter Weirdology has been published since 1987, and covers such topics as Bigfoot, crop circles, cattle mutilations, mysterious falls from the skies as well as a host of other unusual phenomena. I am a retired businessman, and am quite active in the old car hobby, the history of railroading as well as volunteering for a faith based service organization.

I will send a free sample copy of either Flying Saucer Digest or Weirdology to anyone who writes to me at 377 Race Street Berea, Ohio 44017.

David Houchin — I was born and raised in Clarksburg, born, incidentally, the day after the Braxton County Monster was "seen," and although I would keep leaving town I kept coming back. I was educated, nominally, in the local schools, and after several years of counter-acculturation I went to college for a while but to no effect. Nowadays I pose as the Knowledgeable Guy at the library... (The Clarksburg-Harrison County Public Library – Gray Barker Collection)

Anyway, Jim Moseley called and guess what? Barker so disliked Allen Hynek for his too-serious approach to UFO that he would neatly excise Hynek's cameo from any print of Close Encounters that passed through his hands.

John C. Sherwood — lives near West Grove, Pa., and since 1999 has been an editor for the The News Journal of Wilmington, Del. Until that year, he lived his entire life in Michigan's Calhoun County, one of the focal points during the 1966 "swamp gas" UFO "flap." Sherwood, then 16, wrote an account of the UFO reports and sent it to Gray Barker, who published it in 1967 under the title "Flying Saucers Are Watching You."

Sherwood went on to obtain a bachelor's degree from Albion College and a master's degree from Western Michigan University. Sherwood continued to write, and is a former reporter, regional editor and opinion page editor for the Battle Creek Enquirer of Battle Creek, Mich., and a former reporter for the Marshall Chronicle and Jackson Citizen Patriot, both in Michigan. A bibliography of John's books, articles and scripts may be seen at

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